Remembering Frank Cunningham


  • Elaine Coburn Centre d'intervention and d'analyse sociologique (CADIS)-EHESS/American University-Paris



Frank Cunningham; political thought; philosophy; tribute; remembrance; memorial


Friends and colleagues of Frank Cunningham share their tributes in celebration and remembrance of Frank's scholarly and political contributions over a remarkable lifetime. The collection is dedicated to Frank and to his wife, Maryka Omatsu. Includes contributions from: Joseph Carens, Carol Gould, Michael Wade Donnelly, Melissa Williams, Ian Angus, Yoshikazu Nakatani, Esteve Morera, Edward Andrew, Seth Klein, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Mario Reale, Peter H, Russell, Derek Allen, Kennedy Stewart, Michal Bodemann, Richard Stren, Igor Shoikhedbrod, Nicolas Blomley, Wayne Sumner, Ronald Beiner, Richard Sandbrook, Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Philip Resnick, and Harry Glasbeek.  Tributes were collected by Elaine Coburn and production by Sean Cain of Better World Communications.

Author Biography

Elaine Coburn, Centre d'intervention and d'analyse sociologique (CADIS)-EHESS/American University-Paris

Combes, AUP: 6, Rue du Colonel Combes, 75007, Paris