Politics and Ideology


  • Himani Bannerji York University




In this article I wish to exemplify how an anti-ideological critique on “violence against women’” in the era of neoliberal India may be conducted. My main source lies in Marx’s critique of ideology as a body of content, of “ruling ideas” which are hegemonic, as well as the epistemological process of their production. With this understanding I want to speak about the current conjuncture in India of global neoliberal imperialism, of ideological and political use of religion and patriarchy. It appears to me that this fascistic agenda is present elsewhere in the world, where expanding neoliberal capitalism and fundamentalist religious ideology enter into a holy alliance.

Author Biography

Himani Bannerji, York University

Himani Bannerji teaches in the areas of anti-racist feminism, Marxist cultural theories, gender, colonialism and imperialism. Her recent publications include Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism and Nationalism (edited and co-authored with S. Mojab and J. Whitehead, 2001), Inventing Subjects: Studies in Hegemony, Patriarchy and Colonialism (2001), The Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Racism (2000). She is currently working on a book on Rabindranath Tagore, decolonization and modernity.