Quartermasters of Stadiums and Cemeteries: Normative Insurrectionism and the Under-theorization of Revolutionary Strategy


  • Joshua Moufawad-Paul York University




strategy, militarism, pacification, insurrection, Marxism


In this article I examine the problematic of revolutionary strategy and how it is under-theorized at the centres of global capitalism, often confused with the theory of organization.  Arguing that the theory of insurrection is often and uncritically accepted as normative, I discuss the necessity of returning to a critical engagement with the theory of strategy in the context of a modern capitalist military.  By examining Karl Liebknecht's examination of militarism, the a priori acceptance of the theory of insurrection by contemporary theorists in both the communist and anarchist traditions (i.e. Jodi Dean and the Invisible Committee), and the counter-tradition of protracted people's war, I demonstrate that the theory of insurrection is philosophically deficient, unable to account for the problems produced by capitalist militarism and pacification.

Author Biography

Joshua Moufawad-Paul, York University

Joshua Moufawad-Paul lives in Toronto and works as adjunct faculty at York University where he received his PhD in philosophy. His first book, The Communist Necessity, was published in 2014.