Book Reviews

  • Various Authors
Keywords: Anarchism, Marxism, socialism, critiques of capititalism, neo-liberalism, globalization, social justice


Hill, The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book. Monture & McGuire (eds), First Voices:. Albo, Gindin & Panitch, In and Out of Crisis. Smith, Global Capitalism in Crisis. Bashevkin, Women, Power, Politics. Iversen & Rosenbluth. Women, Work, and Politics. Benhabib & Judith Resnick (eds), Migrations and Mobilities. Saul, Revolutionary Traveller. Williams, The Roots of Participatory Democracy. Engler, Canada and Israel. Satgar & Zita (eds), New Frontiers for Socialism in the 21st Century. Angus (ed), The Global Fight for Climate Justice. Harvey, Cosmopolitanism and the Geographies of Freedom. Castells, Communication Power. Newson & Polster (eds), Academic Callings.
Book Reviews