‘Pulling the Monster Down’: Interview with William K. Carroll

  • Elaine Coburn Centre d'intervention and d'analyse sociologique (CADIS)-EHESS/American University-Paris
Keywords: William K Carroll, capitalism, sociology, hegemony, social movements, Gramsci


William K. Carroll is one of Canada’s foremost sociologists. His research and teaching focus on the contemporary capitalist political economy and transformative social movements, as well as Marxist and post-Marxist theories, particularly those informed by Gramsci. His empirical work investigates central actors within the Canadian and world political economy, including social democratic governments, right wing think-tanks and the for-profit and alternative media. He is the author of more than a hundred books, articles, chapters and reports, making important contributions on many subjects, including globalization, neoliberalism and critical research methods.

Author Biography

Elaine Coburn, Centre d'intervention and d'analyse sociologique (CADIS)-EHESS/American University-Paris
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