Seeds of Resistance: Towards a Revolutionary Critical Ecopedagogy


  • Peter McLaren PETER McLAREN is the recipient of numerous awards and honours for his work in critical pedagogy, his publications translated into twenty languages. As a political activist, he lectures worldwide and works with revolutionary, community and educational grou



Capitalism, ecocide, ecopedagogy, imperialism, revolution


The death throes of mother earth are imminent unless we decelerate the planetary ecological crisis. Critical educators, who have addressed with firm commitment topics of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and other social justice issues are casting their eyes to the antagonism between capitalism and nature to ask themselves how we can rationally regulate the human metabolic relation with nature. As the global power complex reduces human life and mother earth to mere production and consumption, critical revolutionary ecopedagogy is developing new, unalienated forms of selfpresence. Ecopedagogy is inspired by and inspires a new social arc, rooted in practices of ecological struggles by the working classes and the poor – an unabashedly utopian dreaming of a post-capitalist future.