Volume II of the Auntie Dialogues are live!


Dear Socialist Studies readers and contributors,

We are pleased to announce Volume II of the Auntie Dialogues.  Dr. Paulina Johnson has generously shared her work in written form but you can also access her podcast, "The Auntie is In" from the QR code included in this issue.

You will find this current issue here: https://socialiststudies.com/index.php/sss/issue/view/1866.

Issue Abstract:

Last Fall, Socialist Studies was honored to provide the complete transcript of Dr. Paulina Johnson’s ground-breaking “The Auntie is In” podcast (volume I).  Dr. Johnson’s work invites the listener/reader to become part of the conversation that holds dear the place of “the Auntie” while sharing ancestral knowledge and stories of the Nêhiyawak.   In Volume II, Dr. Johnson once again invites us to join her in a series of episodes that interweave Indigenous feminism and Dr. Johnson’s community, family, scholarship and life experiences and learning.  These transcripts invite Môniyāwak (Settler) into a conversation that is rich in content and meaning and essential to building bonds of reciprocity, solidarity, and new ways of “knowing”.  Readers are invited to “dip” into the chapters in any order that makes sense to them.  As always, be guided by “the Auntie” —learn, laugh, and reflect.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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