Vol 7, No 1 / 2 (2011)

This double issue entitled "Organizing for Austerity: The Neoliberal State, Regulating Labour, and Working Class Resistance," guest edited by Bryan Evans and Ian Hussey, features eleven articles, an interview with David McNally, review essays, and book reviews.

Table of Contents


Frontmatter PDF


To Interpret the World and To Change It: an Interview with David McNally PDF
Murray Cooke

Special Section

Introduction: Organizing for Austerity: The Neoliberal State, Regulating Labour, and Working Class Resistance PDF
Bryan Evans, Ian Hussey
Austerity for Whom? PDF
Stephen McBride, Heather Whiteside
The Productivity Mantra: The Profit Motive Versus The Public Good PDF
Dave Broad
The ‘Great Recession,’ the Employers’ Offensive and Canadian Public Sector Unions PDF
David Camfield
Workers Versus Austerity: The Origins of Ontario’s 1995-1998 ‘Days of Action’ PDF
Paul Kellogg
Austerity, Competitiveness and Neoliberalism Redux: Ontario Responds to the Great Recession PDF
Carlo Fanelli, Mark P Thomas
The Politics of Public Sector Wages: Ontario’s Social Dialogue for Austerity PDF
Bryan Evans
The “New Saskatchewan”: Neoliberal Renewal or Redux? PDF
Simon Enoch
Reflections on Resistance to Neoliberalism: Looking Back on Solidarity in 1983 British Columbia PDF
Ted Richmond, John Shields
The Fragile Rise of Bourgeois Hegemony and the Neoliberal State in Mexico PDF
Richard Roman, Edur Velasco Arregui
Austerity and its Aftermath: Neoliberalism and Labour in Argentina PDF
Ruth Felder, Viviani Patroni
“The Big Smoke” Screen: Toronto’s G20 Protests, Police Brutality, and the Unaccountability of Public Officials PDF
Ian Hussey, Patrice LeClerc

Review Essays

Socialism and Democracy in Latin America’s Left Turns PDF
Neil Burron
The Canadian Parliamentary Crisis of 2008-09: Searching for a Left Response PDF
Murray Cooke

Book Reviews

Book Reviews -- complete PDF
Various Authors
Braedley, Susan and Meg Luxton, eds. 2010. Neoliberalism and Everyday Life. PDF
Judy Haiven
Scott, James C. 2009. The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia. PDF
Larry Patriquin
Soederberg, Susanne. 2010. Corporate Power and Ownership in Contemporary Capitalism: The Politics of Resistance and Domination. PDF
Stephen McBride
Lyon, Sarah and Mark Moberg, eds. 2010. Fair Trade and Social Justice: Global Ethnographies PDF
Ian Hussey
Santucci, Antonio A. 2010. Antonio Gramsci; Thomas, Peter D. 2009. The Gramscian Moment PDF
Adam Hilton
Kramer, Reinhold and Tom Mitchell. 2010. When the State Trembled; Francis, Daniel. 2010. Seeing Reds PDF
Peter Campbell
Gordon, Todd. 2010. Imperialist Canada. PDF
Paul Kellogg
Yee, Jessica, ed. 2011. Feminism for Real: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism. PDF
Julie E Dowsett
Aronsen, Lawrence. 2010. City of Love and Revolution; Mills, Sean. 2010. The Empire Within PDF
Douglas Nesbitt
Instructions for authors PDF

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